We understand that you want to have a complete evaluation/assessment of your site. Lucky for you we have various ERS Packages that can fit your needs. The best part of our packages is that you save money getting these reports bundled.

Our Standard Package is our client’s popular choice as it includes the RecCheck Report (1-mile radius search), Historical Aerials, Historical Topographic Maps, Hybrid Fire Insurance Maps, and City Directories.
Another popular choice is our Custom Package. This package gives you the flexibility to create the package that you need for your project– all while still receiving a discounted price compared to ordering the products individually.

Historical Aerial Photographs

Our Historical Aerial Photographs date back as far as 1920’s*. They help you identify your site properly throughout the years and make reviewing a breeze, your Aerial photos will include the parcel outline to clearly show you the location of your property. If a parcel map is unavailable, we put a red box around the general area. Only ERS provides 10-15 aerial photos per order. We make sure to include all available photos in 10-year increments.

Historical USGS Topographic Maps

Our Historical USGS Topographic Maps will also include the parcel outline for your property or a red box (when parcel map is unavailable). On older topographic maps, it can get a bit tricky to find your site but not to worry, leave it to our historical specialists.

Hybrid Fire Insurance Maps

ERS delivers a very unique Hybrid Fire Insurance Map unlike any other. ERS will overlay a parcel map onto the Fire Insurance Map. This feature benefits you by making easy to identify changes over the years. On average, we provide between 5-8 maps per order. As far as coverage, we have a FREE online tool that will check coverage for you before you place an order. You can access this tool when you are mapping your site. It will automatically check coverage for you. If it is determined that there is no coverage, you are able to print out a No Coverage Letter directly online. This is what we do for our clients.

Historical City Directory Research

The Historical City Directory Research you will receive from ERS is unlike others. ERS is the only one that will provide the property address that is immediately adjacent to the back of the subject site. Competitors only provide you your property and will charge you extra for anything more you. All adjacent sites are technically required to cover in your Phase I. Our coverage can date as far back as 1800’s*. We currently offer a List and a Page Copy version. Soon, we will be offering a new format that will replace the List version. The new, streamlined version will consist of the following new features that will benefit you:
• clearly states blocks searched
• lists street name changes
• includes a coverage summary table that checks off which years there is coverage for
• makes it easy to copy/paste directory listings into your report

*Coverage and availability will vary depending on site location

It’s important to know what you are getting with ERS – just know that you can count on us to provide you with what you need and more. From our unparalleled customer support to quickly delivered RecCheck Reports to time-saving features in our Historical Research Reports. ERS is the one you can rely on to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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