You’re taking on the Liability for the

Radius Reports

you order from other companies!


Reduce your Risk with our Environmental Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability Insured Reports

You may think that because you paid another company to provide you with an Environmental Report that there is no way you would be held liable for the data they provided you.


Read their Terms of Use, Limitations, and Liabilities Disclaimer, it states that you and your company are to assume all risk for the information and data they provided you.  ONLY ERS reduces your liability and risk with its Reports and Environmental Insurance. Other companies will make promises but if they have no proof or nothing to back up their statements then what their salesperson’s say means absolutely nothing. General Liability Insurance or General Errors and Omissions/Professional liability Insurance does not cover Environmental Data! If the Insurance Policy form and/or Insurance Certificate does not include “Environmental Liability”, then you are being held 100% liable for the data you were provided and actually paid for!  You must review it and verify the validity of all DATA!  At ERS, we stand by our data and products and will always protect our clients. To request your copy of our Certificate of Environmental Insurance, click here. There are no companies (including EDR) that provide proof of having Environmental Insurance.


Remember, every time you use another company’s uninsured radius search reports, YOU TAKE ON THE ENTIRE LIABILITY! For further details, Click here to read our blog dedicated to the significance of Environmental Insurance.

Wow! We can actually SAVE you a lot TIME and MONEY!

Time-saving Features

Our flagship product, the RecCheck Report (1-mile Radius Database Search Report) has essential time saving features that you will appreciate. The following are some of these features:

  1. First, when you are submitting your order with us, you have the option to select preferences for your report such as PDF or Word format, Sort listings by Database or by Distance from the site, a search of all or ASTM-only databases, and much more.
  2. There is absolutely no extra charge to send you the report in a format that is easy and quick for you to review.
  3. Then, throughout the report, you have Bookmarks and Hyperlinks that make it easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.
  4. Our Newly added ASTM Summary Table demonstrates the total # of listings per ASTM Source Searched and a hyperlink to the corresponding Map ID.
  5. Our color-coded maps help immediately identify high risk sites.
  6. Lastly, our clients rave about our FREE Phase I Report Writing Template that is included with a RecCheck Report (as an option, if selected). It helps save you time and we all know time is money. Our Report Writing Template does not collect site and client information that can be used by others! Complete confidentiality (unlike Parcel)!

Making it Easy for You!

  1. Our Aerial Photographs and Topographic Maps include a Red Box around your Property’s Area to make it simple to identify your property on any Historical Aerials or Topographic Maps.
  2. Only ERS provides City Directories that include the project adjacent to the back of your property. We make sure we’ve got you covered.
  3. We provide a Hybrid Fire Insurance Map that makes it easy for you by having the Fire Insurance Map overlaying the Parcel Map.

No Contract Required for Reduced Rates

(Bulk, Monthly, Subscription Rates)

We have always offered our quality reports at an affordable price and frequently offer monthly specials on select products. Now, we also provide excellent volume pricing so you can compete with the Big Boys! There are NO CONTRACTS REQUIRED in order to get guaranteed pricing. We only ask that you complete our one page brief promise to pay form. The larger the quantity ordered over a year period, the larger the discount that you will receive. This is a great way to be able to set your monthly or yearly budget and get a discount at the same time. The best part is that you have the option to pay annually, monthly, or per order. Start saving today!


ERS makes YOU AND YOUR COMPANY Top Priority!


ERS-Environmental Record Search has 25+ years experience with serving the Environmental Due Diligence Industry. We are proud to be run, operated, and owned by Environmental Professionals, not foreign companies. An all American Company through and through! Besides our credibility, there are many qualities that make the choice to use ERS   The Intelligent Choice!

Quality Data

Having the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data is one of our top priorities—that is why, unlike other companies, we actually UPDATE OUR DATA EVERY QUARTER. Having the most current data helps provide our clients with a true analysis of the property. We make sure that our reports meet or exceed ASTM/AAI standards. We also pride ourselves on having the most historical and proprietary data in the industry! We have over 2,500 databases and more than 3.7 billion records! The more information we can provide you about the property, the better.

Customer Service

When it comes to Customer Service it’s simple—WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR ERS CLIENTS! If there is anything you need, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your requests. We can provide customization of any report, re-map a location, modify an address, etc. all at “NO CHARGE”   If you have multiple properties that you need to order reports for but don’t have the time to submit individual orders for all of them, not a problem. Send us the information and let us order them for you.

When you need to reach us, we are available via email at and/or  phone at (800) 377-2430, and even through chat at  

Branding the Reports for YOU!

Stop advertising for EDR or the other companies. If you’d like, ERS will even remove all logos and the ERS name and insert your logo and name for FREE!


Make the Intelligent Choice

There are so many elements that contribute to a quality ERS product. With our reliable and comprehensive data, excellent customer service staff, experienced Environmental Professionals, affordable pricing, Environmental Insurance, and easy-to use reports, we are the intelligent choice for your Environmental Due Diligence needs. If you are still not convinced that ERS is the best in the industry, the President of ERS can personally visit your office or call you to answer any questions or uncertainties you might have.


For any questions or to set up a meeting with the President of ERS, Contact Susana via email at

or call (800) 377-2430.

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