Laguna Hills, California – July 21, 2014 – Map depicting potentially harmful ambient air contamination around one’s own address available from Environmental Record Search on August 1st, 2014.

If we examine vapor intrusion into a building why are we not looking at the potential for external ambient air contamination entering a building? Low-level chronic exposure to either may cause human health effects that the environmental industry hasn’t ever addressed and probably should in each Phase I ESA. Similar to the significance of past environmental concerns such as PCBs and vapor intrusion in buildings, Ambient Air Quality is the next major environmental threat to communities and their residents. As a result, Environmental Record Search has developed a new report that allows one to examine the air quality and contamination around their homes and cities.

ERS – Environmental Record Search – has compiled all the Air Permit Records (a permit granted by Regulatory Agencies to release HAZARDOUS MATERIALS into the air) nationwide and maps this data around a specific subject site. On this map, a cone starting at the address of each air permit spreads out in the direction of the prevailing winds (data provided by NOAA) to represent the POTENTIAL CONE of dispersion of the hazardous materials released into the air from the Air Permit(s). This information informs consumers about whether a subject site (whether it be their own home/business or a potential location) is at risk of being threatened by ambient air contamination.

Potential questions raised by this new report include:

1. The effects on one’s family result from living within a cone of hazardous materials or one’s business where one inhales this air more than several hours each day.
2. The effects of several cones comingling,
3. The responsibility of developers and builders to screen their properties with this report prior to building,
4. The potential risk for building owners and financial institutions if reports reveal known contamination exposure of tenants and office workers, and
5. Whether existing sensitive receptors such as schools and hospitals should be screened and if future sensitive receptors should be constructed elsewhere if reports are positive for ambient air contamination.
This Air Permit with Potential Dispersion Plume Map becomes available through ERS-Environmental Record Search August 1, 2014 and is included in the following online ( reports: LenderCheck Report, Residential Environmental Screen, and RecCheck Report (radius search report for Environmental Professionals).


About Environmental Record Search
Environmental Record Search (ERS) has evolved from years of environmental consulting for the commercial, governmental, and telecommunications sectors. Our flagship product – the RecCheck report was developed as a result of focusing 35+ years of environmental consulting experience on a single aspect: ease of use. Today, ERS focuses on three main objectives: protecting our clients’ liability, our reports’ ease of use, and unparalleled customer support by environmental professionals. Further questions contact Eric Kieselbach at or 800-377-2430.

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