About the SBA Records Search with Risk Assessment
Eric Kieselbach, Owner/President of ERS, was one of the three environmental consultants that assisted in writing the environmental section of SOP 50 10 5 for the Small Business Administration (SBA) and their 504 and 7A loans.  ERS’ product is specifically tailored to this standard and is continually approved and supported by the SBA.
In addition to the LenderCheck Report itself, our SBA Record Search with Risk Assessment includes historical research.  An environmental Professional reviews the LenderCheck Report and the historical research and provides a report with a risk determination for the property. This ensures our report remains covered by ERS’s $2,000,000 General Liability Insurance and an additional $2,000,000 of Environmental Professional Liability Insurance.

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Main Features of the Report
  • Plots nearby environmental risks to your site that are reviewed by an Environmental Professional in order to determine the environmental risk level for your property.