Life of Loan Monitoring

ERS Monitors Your Loans’ Environmental Risk and Liability throughout the life of the loan. A valuable Risk Monitoring Tool to alert you of any environmental risk changes in
your Portfolio of Properties.

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ERS Monitors Risk,
You Get Results and Solutions.

Our Life of Loan Monitoring makes it easy for Lenders, Brokers, and Other Professionals to be able to monitor any changes in environmental risk and liability.

You are provided a comprehensive, easy to use Portfolio Monitoring Summary identifying risk changes to best evaluate and manage environmental risk.

We also stand by our reports and results by including an Environmental Errors and Omissions Insurance Certificate with each report.

Quarterly Screening

Detailed Risk Ratings

Risk Change Alert

Cost Effective


How It Works

  1. Order the Life of Loan Monitoring on
  2. ERS will administer an Environmental Screening Report on the loan address
  3. We assign a Risk Rating to the loan
  4. ERS will continue to screen loans quarterly for risk changes
  5. If there is a change is the Environmental Risk Rating, an in-house Environmental Professional will notify you and review the environmental screening report with you


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