We know you want to complete your Phase I Environmental Site Assessments as quickly and efficiently as possible – all while making the most profit possible. Save Time and Money on your Phase I Environmental Site Assessments when you use ERS’s RecCheck Report.
We show you the report features you may not know about that make the report easy for you to use and can cut your review time in half.
Here are some features that make your RecCheck Report easy to use:
  1. Report Format. You are able to receive the report in either PDF or Word format. Choose the option that is best for you. We’ve found that PDF tends to be a bit easier to navigate but Word works just as well. If you choose to receive the report in MS Word, you can copy and paste any table and/or specifics directly into your Phase I report at any time.
  2. Bookmarks make it Easy to Navigate. Whether you chose to receive your Report in PDF or Word, you will have access either way to our Bookmarks which allow you to easily navigate through the report.
  3. Clickable Links. Page 2 of the report is where you find the Table of Contents. Click on the section of the report you want to go to and instantly you are directed there.
  4. Cover Page – Quickly identify the property you are working with. Address is right on the cover.
  5. Executive Summary – Your need to know information in one place
  6. Summary of Occurrences – any potential environmental occurrence is listed here.  Occurrence will be listed in the preference you chose when ordering the report. Either by Database Name or Distance from subject site.  For each listing you will find a corresponding Map ID # on the left that is hyperlinked. This hyperlink takes you to the details of that listing. Also on each listing, you will find hyperlinks to each map showing that listing. This makes it so convenient to access more information on that listing.
  1. The summary for the standard record sources is a perfect way to be able to know that you have all requirements covered.  This is where we exceed the ASTM Standards. We list the search the standard requires and the search that we performed.
  2. Color –Coded Maps.
    1. You get a 1 mile map, ¼ mile and 1/16th mile map of your site. This gives you the ability to be able to clearly see the risks
    2. Red = Have not received a “case closed”, “no further action” status, or ongoing investigation and/or remediation.
    3. Yellow = should be further reviewed to determine site status.
    4. Green = site has received a “case closed” or “no further action” status or does not likely present an environmental condition.  This allows you to go directly to the ¼ mile map and quickly assess the condition of your site and surrounding listings.
  1. Part of our ERS Exclusives is our Agency Differences Map. This map allows you to see if there are any listings that are mapping in a different location than the latitude and longitude provided by the agency.
  2. To save you even more time, we give you the option to order your RecCheck report with our COMPLIMENTARY Phase I ESA report writing template! All pertinent data from the ERS report is automatically input into the template, including your Company information and the subject site specifics. Competitors charge an outrageous $100-150 for the template alone!
  3. Excessive DETAILS (that may or may not be important to you) have been placed in a cloud. At the end of the most important shown details for each listing is a HYPERLINK, linking you instantly to the extra details.
  4. ERS’s reports are delivered to you, in most cases, within MINUTES.   There is no charge for a filed version when you can take the original report out to the field with you. Reviewing the report prior to the site inspection to assist you in not missing anything is invaluable. After the site inspection, changing anything within the report take minutes and is completely FREE.
We offer a variety of Radius Reports, Historical Research Reports, both individually or bundled together. Browse all our products and view sample reports linked in the description of each product.
If you have any questions, call us (800) 377-2430, an Environmental Professional will pick up right away and gladly assist you.
CLICK HERE to request a sample RecCheck Report.

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