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Get all the Historical Data you need for your Phase I ESA’s in
one place at an affordable price and with fast turnaround.

ERS Historical Packages help you develop a history of the previous uses of the property and surrounding area in order
to identify environmental conditions in connection with the property.

Choose the best Historical Research Package for your scope of work.

Easy to Use Reports

All ERS Historical Packages include an
ASTM E1527-21 Compliant RecCheck Report (1-mile radius search).


Historical Aerial Photographs

We provide all available decades in 10 year increments.
Parcel is outlined for easy identification. Photographs can date as far back as 1930’s.


Hybrid Fire Insurance Maps

We overlay a parcel map over the fire insurance map.
Easy to identify changes over the years.


Includes research for addresses adjacent to the side
AND immediately adjacent to the back of your site.


Historical USGS Topographic Maps

Parcel outlined for easy identification.
10-15 maps provided per order.




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