How to Review your Environmental Screening Report in under 10 minutes
Spending too much time reviewing an environmental screening report and still not understand what is going on with your collateral property?
How about spending less than 10 minutes reviewing a screening report and clearly identify an environmental risk level? That’s what you get with the LenderCheck Report– every lender’s go to environmental screening report.
Every bank’s go to Environmental Screening Report, the LenderCheck Report is an easy to review report. You can get the most important information in under 10 minutes or less.
The most important reason you need an environmental screening report is to help determine the potential environmental risk of a collateral property. You don’t want to get caught with unknown environmental conditions at closing!
Our LenderCheck report is the most user-friendly and easy to use environmental screening report. It’s comprehensive and searches the most databases in the nation to give you the most accurate representation of potential for environmental risk.
Here is the KEY INFORMATION YOU NEED TO LOCATE to quickly review:
  1. The COVER PAGE tells you the absolute most important piece of information, your property’s potential environmental risk. At the top of the cover page, highlighted in yellow, is the risk level. No need to go digging through the report. Also on the cover, the site location. Always a good habit to check and make sure you are looking at the correct property.
  2. Next, pull up the BOOKMARKS on the top left hand side. The icon may look different depending on which version you have.
  3. Click on the Bookmark labeled POTENTIAL RISK TO SUBJECT SITE. Again, you will see your Risk Level at the top but also a RECOMMENDATION. This will give you an idea on what your next step should be given the risk. Recommendations can range from no action required to performing a Phase I or Phase II on the property. You could always give us a call if you wanted some clarification or more information on how to apply to your property.
  4. Scroll down to see Map ID #1.  If this shows as “Subject Site” then this is your property. Take a look at the associated risk.  If Map ID #1 is not listed as Subject Site then your property was not listed in any database. Map ID #1 will be shown as the potential risk closest in proximity to your property.
  5. If your property is Map ID #1, click on the hyperlink “1” to see details provided by the agency. Details include the Database in which the property is listed, status, and specifics on the listing. Again, if you are unsure about the specifics in the details, please call us we are happy to help and go over the detail with you.
  6. Now, click on the Sixteenth Mile Map in the Bookmarks. This gives you a visual, color-coded representation of the risk on your property and nearby. GREEN sites mean there is an active permit or property has had contamination in the past but have received a “case closed” or “no further action” status. Listings shown in YELLOW have been listed by the respective agency, but do not always represent an environmental risk. The detailed status information and description of the listing should be reviewed for further information and determination.  Listings in RED are locations with known contamination that have not received a “case closed” or “no further action” status.
That’s it! Simple. Get to the information you really need to know – and as we mentioned, you can always give us a call, Our experienced Environmental Professionals are happy to help answer any question or help you determine best action for your particular property and point you in the right direction. It’s really about knowing where to look and what information is the most important.
This report saves you both time and money. Know your Environmental Risk right away- for only $74. Do not wait until it is too late and the loan falls through
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