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ERS – Environmental Record Search makes it a priority to provide affordable, easy to understand environmental screening reports that save clients time and money. At the same time, we give you excellence in client support, data accuracy, and true risk reduction by not defaulting to a Phase I and being the only company to provide actual environmental insurance.

Risk Made Simple

ERS saves you and your clients time and money. We make it easy and quick to determine the environmental risk for any property. In our Environmental Screening Reports (designed by Environmental Professionals), we assign an environmental risk rating to a property. Our risk rating is a 5-tier rating ranging between (low, med low, med, med high, high). Our in-house Environmental Professionals with 30+ years experience designed the risk ratings. After ordering, you receive your environmental report in as little as a few minutes. Our LenderCheck (1-mile environmental database search report, takes the place of an Environmental Professional Review) and LenderCheck II (ideal for those concerned with risk on and adjacent to their site) include a highlighted risk rating and it is displayed right on the cover of the report. You don’t need to go digging through the report to conclude the risk. Order and receive your report with a risk rating in minutes. It just doesn’t get easier than that for immediate Risk Reduction.

Why is it important to run environmental screening on all your new loan applications? How many times have you gotten to the middle or end of the loan process and found out you needed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or environmental work?   Then you find out the client does not want to do the environmental work or pay for the Phase I ESA? Then the deal falls apart! You have lost hundreds of dollars and weeks of time. By doing a LenderCheck iThis report will save the bank time and money by not getting involved in costly canceled loans. By running LenderChecks on all commercial loans that walk in the door, you will only spend a few dollars to find out if an environmental problem exists.   Then you can make an educated decision on proceeding with the loan or not.

Besides providing a risk rating in our reports (written by our in-house Environmental Professionals), we also offer a key piece of information that saves you from guessing what to do next. Our reports include recommendations (next steps actions, this in most cases takes the place of a desk top review) based on the risk rating assigned to your property. More importantly, due to our 5-tier risk rating system, WE DO NOT DEFAULT TO A PHASE I Environmental Site Assessment! Others that just state Low or High/Elevated gives you a 50% chance of requiring a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a Phase I ESA when you might only need to spend a few hundred dollars for a File Review, Interview, or further historical information conducted by an Environmental Professional.

If there was something in particular with your site or the history of your site that you were concerned with, call us! You can speak with our in-house Environmental Professionals to briefly consult with us regarding your property in relation to your ERS report findings. No cost to you. We want to help our clients as much as we can.

No Contract Required for Discounted Bulk Pricing

We have always offered our quality reports at an affordable price. If you use us regularly and want to save money on ordering the report, we provide excellent volume yearly pricing. There is NO CONTRACT REQUIRED in order to get guaranteed pricing. We only ask that you complete our brief Promise to Pay form. The larger the quantity ordered per month or annually, the larger the discount that you will receive. This is a great way to be able to set your monthly or yearly budget and get a discount at the same time. The best part is that you have the option to pay annually, monthly, or per order. Contact us to start saving today!

Reliability and Customer Support

ERS-Environmental Record Search has 25+ years experience with serving the Environmental Due Diligence Industry. We are proud to be run, operated, and owned by Environmental Professionals.

When it comes to Customer Service it’s simple—WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR OUR CLIENTS! If there is anything you need, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your requests. We can provide customization of any report, re-map a location, modify an address, re-determine risk levels, etc. If you have multiple LenderChecks, High loan volume, not a problem. Don’t have the time to submit individual orders for all of them, just send us the information and let us order them for you.

Accurate Data

Having the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data is one of our top priorities—and has always been, that is why, unlike other companies, we actually UPDATE OUR DATA EVERY QUARTER. Having the most current data helps provide our clients with a true analysis of every property. We make sure that our reports meet or exceed SBA, FDIC, HUD, OOC, AAI and ASTM standards.  We also pride ourselves on having the most historical and proprietary data in the industry! We have over 3,000 databases and more than 3.7 billion records! The more information we can provide you about the property, the better.

Environmental Insurance

If you are NOT USING ERS then you are NOT REDUCING your Environmental LIABILITY and you are at risk! You may think that because you paid another company to provide you with an Environmental Report that there is no way you would be held liable for the conclusions or risk determinations they provided you. WRONG! Don’t be misled. If you read other companies’ Terms and Liability Disclaimer it states that you and your company are to assume all risk for the information and conclusions they provided you.

ERS is the only one that is able to reduce your risk with our Environmental Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability Insured Reports ($2,000,000).

ONLY ERS reduces your environmental liability and risk with its Reports and Environmental Insurance. Other companies will make promises and statements but if they have not showed you proof of their Environmental Insurance, then what they say means nothing. Also, don’t be fooled by what may look like environmental insurance. General Liability and/or Standard Professional/Engineering Liability Insurance does not cover Environmental Data! If the Insurance Policy form and/or Insurance Certificate do not include “Environmental Liability”, then you are being held 100% liable for the data you were provided and actually paid for!

In-addition, other companies’ terms and disclaimers imply that you have reviewed ALL the data and determined for yourself the accuracy and risk to your subject site.   At ERS, we stand by our data and products 100%. We have environmental insurance to protect our clients and more importantly ourselves. ERS will always protect our clients. To request your copy of our Certificate of Environmental Insurance, click here.

Remember, every time you use another company’s uninsured reports; YOU TAKE ON THE ENTIRE LIABILITY! Don’t take that risk. Use ERS to actually reduce your environmental risk.

There are so many reasons you should be using ERS – from our reliable easy-to use reports and excellent customer service staff, to our experienced Environmental Professionals, affordable pricing, and Environmental Insurance. We are the intelligent choice for your Environmental Due Diligence needs.


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