Exceptional Historical Research Products!

Aerials, City Directories, and Fire Insurance Maps

Are you getting 10-15 Aerial Photographs every time you order for your property?

Are you getting City Directory coverage dating back to the 1800’s?

Are you able to check Fire Insurance Map Coverage before you order?

You can get all this and so much more

ONLY with ERS – Environmental Record Search!

It is important to us that we provide more than sufficient Historical Research for you. We also do what we can to make it easier for you to interpret the information, know what you are looking at, and also effortlessly find the property throughout the years of research. Basically, we want to provide excellent work that will SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY. It’s as simple as that.


Aerial Photographs

  • Only ERS provides 10-15 Aerial Photos per order.
  • We make sure to include all available decades in 5-10 year increments.
  • We want to make it easy for you to identify your property through the years, so as a customer preference we put a red box around your property.
  • Our Coverage can date as far back as the 1910s.



Historical City Directory Research

  • Only ERS provides City Directories  that include the property address that is adjacent to the back of the subject site.
  • Coverage can date as far back as 1800’s.*
  • As an option, we can organize the information for you in a simple and easy List/Table format.



Hybrid Fire Insurance Maps

  • Only ERS provides 6-8 Maps per order.
  • Our Hybrid Fire Insurance Map overlays a Parcel Map to easy to identify any changes over the years.
  • Coverage can be checked online before an order is placed for FREE.


*coverage and availability is dependent on property location



So not only does ERS go the extra mile by providing all available aerials, city directories, and fire insurance maps but also by making sure we provide excellence in other aspects as well.


ERS-Environmental Record Search has 25+ years experience with serving the Environmental Due Diligence Industry. We are proud to be run, operated, and owned by Environmental Professionals, not foreign companies. An all American Company through and through! Besides our credibility, there are many qualities that make the choice to use ERS   —The Intelligent Choice!

Quality Data

Having the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data is one of our top priorities—that is why, unlike other companies, we actually UPDATE OUR DATA EVERY QUARTER. Having the most current data helps provide our clients with a true analysis of the property. We make sure that our reports meet or exceed ASTM/AAI standards. We also pride ourselves on having the most historical and proprietary data in the industry! We have over 2,500 databases and more than 3.7 billion records! The more information we can provide you about the property, the better.

Customer Service

When it comes to Customer Service it’s simple—WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR OUR CLIENTS! If there is anything you need, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your requests. We can provide customization of any report, re-map a location, modify an address, etc. all at “NO CHARGE”   If you have multiple properties that you need to order reports for but don’t have the time to submit individual orders for all of them, not a problem. Send us the information and let us order them for you.


Environmental Insurance

  ONLY ERS reduces your liability and risk with its Reports and Environmental Insurance. Other companies will make promises but if they have no proof or nothing to back up their statements. General Liability Insurance or General Errors and Omissions/Professional liability Insurance does not cover Environmental Data! If the Insurance Policy form and/or Insurance Certificate does not include “Environmental Liability”, then you are being held 100% liable for the data you were provided and actually paid for!  You must review it and verify the validity of all DATA!  At ERS, we stand by our data and products and will always protect our clients. To request your copy of our Certificate of Environmental Insurance, click here. There are no companies (including EDR) that provide proof of having Environmental Insurance.


Make The Intelligent Choice

There are so many elements that contribute the quality of an ERS product. With our reliable and comprehensive data, excellent customer service staff, experienced Environmental Professionals, affordable pricing, Environmental Insurance, and easy-to use reports, we are the intelligent choice for your Environmental Due Diligence needs. If you are still not convinced that ERS is the best in the industry, the President of ERS can personally visit your office or call you to answer any questions or uncertainties you might have.


Email us at info@reccheck.com and/or SusanaL@reccheck.com

Call us at (800) 377-2430, or

Chat with us using the Blue Button at the bottom of our website www.reccheck.com


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