(Dated 2/8/2010)


Environmental Professional Squad LAUNCHES!

 Environmental Professional Squad (EPS, launches the week of February 8, 2010.  After years of development and programming EPS launches its revolutionary Environmental Professional business networking website.  This is the first of a family of revolutionary websites all under the banner of Property Transaction Services (   These websites are designed ultimately to provide full service commercial property transaction due diligence utilizing Local Professionals throughout the United States.  Thereby, PTS’s goal is to provide opportunities and professional business networking to the property transactional community.

What is the goal of EPS ?

EPS is designed to promote LOCAL certified environmental professionals thereby, benefiting them in the following ways:


  1. Differentiating them from large National Environmental Firms that are not “local to the work” (within their respective counties).
  2. By gaining access to work from National Financial institutions, commercial brokers, and commercial property purchasers as a pre-qualified and “local to the work” Environmental Professional.
  3. By working for National Environmental Firms, as a pre-qualified and “local to the work” Environmental Professional to perform soil sampling, site inspections, writing Phase I or Phase II environmental site assessment reports, or providing necessary  local expertise as a registered environmental engineer and/or geologist.
  4. Providing access to a professional business network of other pre-qualified environmental professionals that can help you tackle projects outside of your area of expertise or geography.



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“The ONLYpre-qualified environmental professional business network”


ERS is trying to benefit Environmental Professional members in the following ways:


  1. The Environmental Professional (who is currently unemployed, working for themselves, own their own company, moonlighting for extra income and/or just want to help their current company become more billable) is exposed to new bidding opportunities and new potential clients.
  2. Members gain access to Vendors that will supply services and supplies to at discounted rates that increase profitability or the profit of their company pool is intended to increase all members
  3. Members can gain credibility towards potential clients in your area of expertise through being certified and verified by your peers and EPS.
  4. All members have access to a forum, webinar and other tools to get answers on technical questions and ideas from other environmental professionals thereby assisting members in performing at a higher level of expertise.
  5.  Other members get access to pre-qualified Environmental Professionals outside of your areas of expertise allowing you to bid on projects that you are not normally able to complete.
  6. Members gain exposure to larger National firms increasing your odds of finding that perfect full-time position.



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 “The ONLYpre-qualified environmental professional business network”


What does it take to join EPS and become CERTIFIED?


  1. First of all, it does not cost anything to join EPS other than the following:
    1. Your time to fill out the form to be certified.  Unfortunately, this takes 20-30 minutes of filling out forms for EPS to obtain enough information to legitimately certify you.
    2. Providing references to verify your professional credentials.
    3. Uploading your certificates and licenses for verification.
    4. Second, your references have to be legitimate environmental professional peers that know you and your work.  You have to make sure that they respond to your request of being your reference.
    5. Third, your information has to be honest and professional without embellishment of your expertise and/or experience (factual).
    6. Finally, you must promise to abide by the rules and acknowledge that, if and when you win a quote, you will pay EPS its small commission of 1.5% or $1.50 of each $100 of the gross total project.


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“The ONLYpre-qualified environmental professional business network”


What is the GOAL of PTS ?


PTS, Property Transaction Services was designed to provide jobs and projects to local property due diligence professionals throughout the United States through the promotion of a one stop location for ALL certified property transactions services provided locally.   Thereby, a company can enter a single property into the system and request any or all due diligence services from local certified companies and/or professionals.  “One Stop Shopping!”  This promotes using local services, in the local area, of the site thereby, feeding the local economy instead of feeding the large National conglomerates.


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 Let’s make this successful for all of us in the commercial property transaction due diligence marketplace!

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