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Who is ERS?

ERS- Environmental Record Search was created out of a need for affordable and accurate data that was non-existent until ERS came along. Over the years, we have grown to become a leader in the industry with over 25+ years experience fulfilling Environmental Due Diligence needs. ERS values saving our clients time and money through continuously improving our computer software, and programming, increasing processing speeds, and refining the overall report process so that it can benefit you. We aim to meet your due diligence needs faster, better, and more accurate than ever before. We achieve this in the way we service our clients, the resources and guidance we provide, and with quality data you can count on – all in lightning speed!


****Benefits Relating To Using ERS****

Outstanding Customer Service

You can always count on ERS to provide superior customer support. Our clients constantly praise us for going out of our way to accommodate their environmental needs, whether that is responding with urgency to all inquiries, helping clients with project specific items, placing an order for a client, and aiding in determining what product best suits their project needs. We don’t have sales people in the office. We have hard working, friendly employees who value doing a great job and are ready to help. When you call us – expect to get an answer right away.

Free Training, Webinars, and Resources

Being an ERS Client also allows you to benefit from Free Training. We understand sometimes moving over to using a new vendor can be a bit of a learning curve for some. You should not let the fear of change deter from saving money, time, and offering a better product to your clients. We can help lessen the challenge by teaching your team through webinars and/or in person How to Quickly Order Online, How to Review the RecCheck Report Easily, How to use our Free Phase I Report Writing Template, or any other obstacle you need to overcome.

Also, Eric Kieselbach, President of ERS, hosts monthly Webinars for everyone interested in gaining some environmental knowledge in topics such as Vapor Intrusion, Optimizing your Phase I’s, Advantages of the Different Search Types, and even a Town Hall where Environmental Professionals can come together and discuss or comment on hot topics in the environmental industry.

In our Webinars, we demonstrate many tools and resources that can make Phase I Site Assessment projects and site walks a lot easier. These include questionnaires, checklists, and guides that we openly share and distribute to ERS clients.

Lighting Speed

We understand the importance of getting your information quickly. You may be going out to the site and need to have your report ready to know what you are dealing with and what you need to look for while you are inspecting the site. There may be times when your project is very time sensitive – ERS is your solution. Well, ERS is the only data firm who can achieve this for you! We have devoted a great amount of expertise and technology to make it possible to provide the fastest report – sending you your RecCheck (radius search) report in minutes. If you forgot to order your RecCheck (radius search) report, you can use our ERS QuickScreen APP right at your site!

Quality Data

Quality data is vital for these reports. Our priority is to always have the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data. Our geocoding and algorithms are the most accurate in matching and plotting sites in the industry. We touch each and every record. We are able to achieve this by updating our data every 3 months per ASTM/AAI. We’ve accumulated 3,500+ Federal, State, and Local Databases. We have also decided to exceed ASTM/AAI required databases by offering various proprietary, supplementary and historical databases that include sites such as gas stations, dry cleaners, gas plants, automotive, and printers just to name a few. This allows you to establish an accurate analysis of the property, which is the reason for these reports.

Environmental Insurance

If you have not been made aware of this yet – Listen up! ERS provides true ENVIRONMENTAL Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability Insurance. Our Insurance Certificate actually states “Environmental Coverage”. Most of our competitors only carry General Liability Insurance which does NOT cover environmental.  So basically, if you use our competitors, you have no insurance coverage.

ASTM, EPA, SBA, and AAI directly and/or indirectly require you to carry at a minimum $1 million of Environmental Errors and Omissions/ Professional Liability Insurance. This is extremely important because if your vendors are not covered, then it means that any problems fall on you and your insurance. At ERS, we have you covered ($2 million). We will gladly provide you a copy of the insurance certificate. Click here to request yours.

RecCheck (Radius Search) Report

Our flagship product, the RecCheck Report is a must have report for all of those who want all the pertinent data in an easy user friendly layout. Once ordered on-line you receive the report within minutes. Our standard report is the one-mile radius search, however, you can always upgrade to a linear/corridor or area search report if that is what your property needs. If you are not sure what you need, remember you can call us and we’ll help you figure it out. In comparison with others in the industry, an ERS RecCheck Report gives you the benefit of customizing it to meet your needs, features that save you time reviewing the report, and even using a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment writing template for free!

Free Customization

You may receive your report and realize you need to make an adjustment to the location of your site or you accidentally left out part of the street name. Guess what? No problem. If there is a need to re-run the report, we’ll do it right away, same day – free of charge. Also, when you are ordering your report online, there are a handful of options (FREE, of course) to assure the report you receive works best for you and your review process. These options include choosing:

  • Word or PDF report format
  • Searching ASTM/AAI Databases Only or All Databases (includes ASTM/AAI + Proprietary + Supplementary+ Historical databases that are exclusive to ERS)
  • Listings can be sorted by Database Name or Distance from Subject Site
  • An Excel File with Listed Sites to review and sort as you please

Time Saving Features

Our RecCheck Report was developed and designed by in-house Environmental Professionals and is filled with features that are strategically made to save you time and money. Obviously, you want to be able to review the report and get all the fundamental information quickly and without hassle. You don’t want to spend hours and hours reviewing a complicated report. We made it simple for you. Take advantage of some fundamental figures/records that are exclusively provided by ERS and ERS only:

  • Bookmarks for easy navigating and reviewing
  • Color-coded (Green, Yellow, Red) listings in our maps make it easy to assess the condition of your site and surrounding listed sites.
  • ERS Exclusive Air Plume Map
    • Be able to determine the direction of the air permit VOC plumes
    • Identify those that use VOC’s
  • ERS Exclusive Agency Difference Summary/Map
    • Quickly determine if there is a difference between the lat/long provided by the agency and the lat/long of where the address actually maps. Sometimes the agency uses a corporate headquarters lat/long instead of the actual lat/long of the potential contamination or vice versa. It’s always a great idea to review these.
  • ERS Exclusive ASTM /AAI Standard Record Sources Summary Table
    • Can be used as a checklist you may include in your Phase I Report that showcases the RecCheck Report and your COMPANY ha met/exceeded ASTM/AAI standards.
  • More Details Link
    • We show the most pertinent data details for each listing and if you are interested in seeing more, we’ve incorporated a ‘more details’ hyperlink that allows you to view the complete details provided by the agency. In creating this feature, you benefit by shortening a lengthy report cut in half and reducing your time reviewing the report (only reviewing what’s necessary).

Free Phase I Report Writing Template

We all know time is money so spending time entering basic project data when you should be using your time to interpret the information, is a true waste of your time. Let us take care of this for you with a Free Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report Writing Template. We automatically insert all pertinent data into the template for you, including your company information, subject site specifics, and even integrate the RecCheck Report. Did we mention this is a Free Option when ordering your RecCheck Report? Make your life easier and check YES for the Template option. Most competitors charge an outrageous $100-$200 for the report writing template alone.



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