Reduce your Bank’s Liability with
ERS’s Environmental Insured Reports.

Are you liable for the data and reports a database vendor provides you?


Other Vendor’s Terms and Liability states that you and your bank are to assume all risk for the information and conclusions they provide you.

ERS – Environmental Record Search has $2,000,000 of Environmental General Liability and/or Errors and Omissions Insurance (Professional Liability).

We provide you a Certificate of Liability Insurance for
each and every Environmental Screening Report!

Our $74 LenderCheck Report identifies if your collateral property or an adjacent property is listed in an environmental government database.It searches up to 1 mile radius and provides an environmental risk level for the property.

Shop Our LenderCheck Report


Key Information included in a LenderCheck:

Risk on the Cover of Report

Potential Risk & Recommended Action
Color Coded Map Showing Potential Risk

Details for Identified Potential Risk

When should you order a LenderCheck?

Every time a new commercial loan for a collateral property walks through your door.

Knowing your property’s Environmental Risk right away helps to mitigate and manage your bank’s environmental risk on loan portfolios.

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